Why Choose Us?

Several mobile apps are offering online selling and purchasing options. Let’s discuss the reasons that make us different from others.

Easy to use

Users don’t need any expertise to use Shop On Mobile apps. You just need to locate or invite local retailers & grocery shops on this app and order their favorite items for instant delivery. Users can search the local shops (Chemists/vegetables/grocery/dairy/online food delivery etc.), near to his/her place from our app and place the order. If you place an order for medicine, our app has a facility to upload the prescription while placing the order. Local chemist/shopkeeper on acceptance of the order. Can upload the bill and confirm the expected time of delivery to the buyer. Buyer has different options to pay the bill like cash-on-delivery, opt for online payment, MobiKwik etc. User history is maintained for future orders and any other personal use.

No pocket burden.

Shop On Mobile is a very cost-effective android mobile app. It is a free app for shopkeepers. To get a free online shop, just download and install the app free of cost by visiting the play store. There are no per transaction charges. You just need to pay nominal charges.


Looking for an online shopping app which can save you a lot of time then you should go for Shop On Mobile app. You don’t need to search for the product that you are looking for. As we are facilitating chat order options in our app. You can write your order on paper and can share the image in the chat option. Our team members will work on your request immediately. They will accept the order if they have the items with the same brand. If not then they also introduce you to the same items with different brands. You can make your choice.

Preloaded items

If you are registering as a shopkeeper then we have facilitated preloaded items category wise, you can If you are registering as a shopkeeper then we have facilitated preloaded items category wise, you can choose only which products you want to sell, select and set the sale price. It will make the implementation process easy for you. It will save your time and manpower cost.

Useful features.

Shop On Mobile has many features that are very useful for customers and shopkeepers. Most of the mobile apps give full control only to customers regarding products. But our app also allows the shopkeeper to accept, cancel or modify the order. They can use their shop name for their own branding. The process of accepting the order is very easy and makes the delivery process very fast. 

Let’s visit Google play store now to create an online shop by installing our Shop On Mobile app. You need to follow some simple steps to get an online store for free.

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