best delivery app for daily essentials

16 Dec 2022

All major platforms using the internet to sell started with websites. A lot has changed with more and more people buying smartphones. Now all online shopping platforms have mobile apps to sell products. 30,000, that is the number of websites hacked every day according to For

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Ecommerce Is Growing Day By Day. Why

15 Jul 2022

No doubt eCommerce is growing day by day. We can see a sharp rise in eCommerce sales during the last few years. What can be the reasons behind this? With the rise of technology and due to busy lifestyles, consumers are seeking to use the Read more

10 Reasons Why Your Online Shopping App Might Have Bad Design

30 Jun 2022

There are a lot of things that come into play when it comes to running a successful online shopping app. Your customer has many other options. The customer will go for an app that is fast, offers easy payment options, guarantees secure transactions, fast delivery, excellent

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E-Commerce Platforms For Your Business?

24 Jun 2022

With the advancement of technology, it has become important for businesses from startups to small to use online platforms like mobile apps or websites stores for selling products or services. Consumers' purchasing behavior has also changed. They don’t want to visit the str

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Mobile Apps Will Help Your Business

13 Jun 2022

With the change in time, customer purchasing behavior is also changed. Recognizing this, all types of industries are making changes in their marketing strategies. They are considering using an online platform to sell products and for increasing customer engagements. Mobile a

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What A Good Mobile App Should Have

31 May 2022

Mobile apps are getting popular over websites because of their easy to use features. People are considering using mobile apps rather than websites to make orders online. It is convenient to use mobile apps instead of websites to make orders online. When choosing a Read more

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